Precinct committeeman (“PC”) are “the most powerful office in the world” because the PC is the closest political officeholder to the registered voter. A registered voter has no vote in internal Party policy; a precinct committeeman does. A precinct committeemen elects district, county and state party officers, delegates to the Presidential convention and Republican National Convention members. Precinct committeemen sent to the Presidential Convention vote on what policies the party platform will promote in the next 4 years. Through a monthly meeting, PCs interact with their elected Party officials to influence legislation.  Candidates attend the monthly meetings to present their views and promote visibility for their campaign.  

Here is the point: the Party does have good conservatives in it who are willing to take positions of Party leadership. Electing conservative leadership candidates is not possible without like-minded precinct committeemen. As a PC, you devote time to specific tasks. Such tasks as helping to get out the vote on election day and telling the voters in your precinct about the best candidates, how best to vote on initiatives, etc. Politics matter. Look at the results of the last election. Voting for the Party leadership, needs a precinct committeemen who is a registered conservative Republican voter. It’s that simple.

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